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Video Blog
Cruiser Bicycle Size and Fitting For Women

Finding the right fit for your body can sometimes be difficult. With sixthreezero bikes, we've designed...

Video Blog
Hybrid Bike Sizes For Women, Everything You Need To Know

we do have a suspension seat post on this bike; so as she gets on, that...

Video Blog
Forward Pedaling Bikes For Women

So, there are a couple of other benefits, too. Number one, it's going to relieve a...

Video Blog
What Are Bicycle Fender's For

What are bicycle fenders for? So, pretty cut and dried, bicycle fenders do actually have a...

Video Blog
Choosing The Right Bicycle Tires

A lot of times, for mountain bikes, you're going to see very rugged treads with big...

Video Blog
Understanding Max Riding Speeds and Distances for Bicycles

Bottom line is with any bicycle on the market, whether it be a mountain bike, road...

Video Blog
Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bikes vs. Sixthreezero Beach Cruisers

Where we differ from Schwinn, is you just look at our color selection. We use a...

Video Blog
What Do I Do If My Bicycle Arrives Damaged?

  Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of six three zero. Want to talk to you today...

Video Blog
Best Bikes For Rehabilitation

So, my 4 bikes for rehab, again, to review are the stationary bike, a stationary bike that's...

Video Blog
sixthreezero Beach Cruiser Bicycle Collection Page

Now, if you're curious what do I mean by pedal forward, forward pedaling, you can go...

Video Blog
5 Tips For Returning Riders

I'm just recommending that, think it's a good idea if let's say you haven't ridden a...

Video Blog
BodyFit Explained

Now, if you do get a thumbs down, that doesn't mean there's not another bike on...



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