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Comfort Bikes
Learn More About Comfort Bikes

Comfort Bikes

Enjoy a better riding experience with a comfort bike from sixthreezero. Crafted so each detail intentionally adds to a more pleasant journey, our comfort hybrid bicycles and comfort cruiser bikes are the best comfort bicycles around. The bike is a powerful mobile innovation, yet it should feel soft while riding. Cozy. Effortless. Light. Whether you’re a new rider or have been cycling for years, the perfectly constructed bike has to make you feel like you could ride forever. You will never be inspired to ride if your know your bike doesn’t favor comfort.

Comfort Bikes for Your Journey

Commuting to work, riding to buy groceries and cycling for bit of morning exercise should all be comfortable experiences. It doesn’t matter if you're riding for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Comfort matters, which is why sixthreezero developed a range of bikes to keep you feeling good no matter where and how you ride.

Building a Comfortable Bike

There are many comfort points on a bike that we take into consideration in designing the right machine for every rider. From seat size and handlebar height to tire width and more, we know these elements each contributes to making each comfort bike a personalized fit for you. Men, women, boys and girls can all find their best-fitting bike right here. Let’s look at what goes into building a sixthreezero comfort bike.

Bicycle Seats

If you have ever had a bike that rarely left the garage, it’s a good bet that it was uncomfortable to ride. Seating plays a leading role in finding the most comfortable bike for you. Our line of comfort bikes features a wider, more cushioned seat with plush foam padding to help absorb the bumps that come in every road. For anyone who rides often or goes long distances on a bike, here are some easy tips to help you enjoy your road time:

  • Rise a little off the seat when traveling over bumps; this allows your legs to help absorb the jolts.
  • Stand up on your pedals for several seconds after 10-15 minutes of riding to stretch your legs and body.
  • If you ride often or long distances, consider investing in padded bike shorts to reduce friction.

Also known as saddles, sixthreezero seats are designed to accommodate a normal sitting position for men and women, supporting you on whatever length of ride you undertake. Casual riders never had it so good before our mens and womens comfort bikes came along.

Riding Position

Unless you race or ride on challenging courses and trails, you shouldn’t have to hunch over to reach the handlebars. Our custom bicycles offer frames that are built to fit a specific height range, with handlebars, seating and pedals all positioned to encourage an ergonomic riding position. That means less stress on your body while riding, and no sore shoulders or back after dismounting. Mens comfort bikes, as well as womens models, feature a lower frame and repositioned pedal that allow full leg extension while maintaining proper body positioning. You’ll feel like riding for days every time you jump on a sixthreezero comfort bike.

Wider Tires

Our comfort line of machines features tires that are 2 inches wide. These wider tires are better at absorbing bumps, giving you a smoother ride no matter what kind of terrain you’re taking. Whether you’re traveling torn-up city streets or following the twists and turns of a natural bike path, you won’t feel the full impact of rocks, ridges and debris that you ride over. Added benefits of having wider tires include enjoying better traction and control of the bike. Riders who are just learning will find that they also aid in maintaining balance due to having a greater area of contact with the road or ground.

Grips and Seat Material

We have designed grips using synthetic leather for long-lasting comfort and durability. Soft and smooth fabric gives you something to wrap your fingers around for easy steering and control. You won’t feel like you must maintain a death-grip on the handlebars, and you won’t come away with stiff, sore fingers after a ride. Seat material is also synthetic leather for stylish good looks and riding ease that means you won’t have to peel yourself away when you dismount. Often overlooked on other bikes, grips on sixthreezero machines are just one more example of the attention we put into every detail in designing the best comfort bikes around.

Test Ride our Comfort Bikes

Go ahead. Take one of our men’s comfort bikes for sale and give it a test ride. Try out one of our women’s comfort bikes for sale, too. See how you like it for a full 365 days to feel how comfortable our cruisers and hybrid bikes truly are. If you were expecting something else, just let us know. Shop stress-free, knowing that we will take the bike back within the return period.

Custom-Fit Comfort Bikes

Custom fitting is the reason sixthreezero’s bikes are so comfortable. Most bikes aren’t made for their riders. Our comfort bikes are designed with you in mind, from the seats and handlebars to the tires and frames. Each of these pieces of the perfect bike serves a purpose. To make a bike that fits you like your coziest pair of jeans. Ready to order the most comfortable bike that exists? Head over to our shop and choose a bike with the speed you need and the color you love. Need ideas for where to ride your new comfort bike? Join our Journey Club to uncover new and exciting ride locations around the globe!

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