Try Your Bike, If You Don't Love It, Send it Back Free

365 Day Test Ride

What's this mean? Exactly what it says. We don't care what you do, ride It, store It, take
it to buy groceries, get some exercise, the choice is yours. Either way if anytime
between when you receive the bike and 365 Days you decide you don't love the
experience, send it back, and we'll pay the shipping.

We understand it may get some scratches, dents, and dings. We get it, you tested it.
We don't charge restocking fees either. We're committed to you loving your bike, and
don't want you keeping it unless you do.
365 Day Test Ride
365 Day Test Ride

Restocking Fees

Even if it shows some wear, send it back, we won't charge you a cent.


Return Shipping Fees

We'll pay the shipping for you to send it back, no questions asked.


Ride Satisfaction

We'll go to any length to ensure your ride is perfect and if it's not right for you, we'll take it back with open arms.



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