How Many Speeds Do I Need On My Bike?

Choosing a Bike
February 13, 2017
How Many Speeds Do I Need On My Bike?
How Many Speeds Do I Need On My Bike?

The question of how many speeds you need on your bike can be a complicated one—or a very easy one—depending on how clearly you know what you need from your bike. From single speed bikes, to 3 speed cruisers, to multi speed beach cruisers, sixthreezero has them all.

A Single Speed Bike

A single speed bike is just what it sounds like: two-wheelers constructed with just one speed, meaning you never have to switch gears. Pedal forward, and your bike goes forward; pedal backward and it stops. A single speed bike is perfect for anyone who simply wants to take their baby out for a spin for fresh air, a little exercise or both, and preferably on flat terrain. A single speed bike is uncomplicated, which makes it easy to ride. However, they are also slow, so if speed or climbing hills is your thing, then perhaps you should consider a different type of bike since you will develop a substantial sweat riding either. Here you can check out the whole lineup of sixthreezero single speed bikes.

A 3 Speed Cruiser

Do you envision yourself being a little more aggressive with your bike riding? Do you want to weave in and out of traffic, break a sweat, climb hills, and go fast every once in a while? In that case, a 3 speed cruiser will offer you much more flexibility than single speed bikes. Even with just three speeds, you will be able to attack downhill, flat, and uphill terrains with much more vigor and speed, and you will save yourself from burning out from pedaling too hard. Take a look at the extensive selection of sixthreezero 3 speed cruisers.

A Multi Speed Beach Cruiser

Want to be able to traverse any terrain, dart in and out of any situation, go fast, climb hills and have a bike that answers any of your commands while still being comfortable and easy to ride? Well, then that’s easy: a multi speed beach cruiser is the best choice for you. With as many as seven speeds, your stocked two-wheeler can offer the precise speed for any situation, meaning your pedaling will be as easy as it can be while still generating the speed and movement you desire. Take a tour of all of sixthreezero’s multi speed beach cruisers.

With sixthreezero’s outstanding cross-section of bike styles, as well as its unique customizer, you can be certain that the bike you buy is the bike you need, whether a single speed bike, or one with more gears.

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